Benefits for developing your own app


Benefits of developing your own app

Many businesses build their own mobile apps to expand business. It gives them a wide range of opportunities to unlock market outreach. The time and era which we all are in today is known as the digital age. This is quickly changing the way users adopt new technologies. Every business today is looking for different methods to offer their products and services. If you’re someone who does not have a mobile app built for your business. Then let me give you an insight for knowing the benefits of building one. You may lose business, miss out on potential leads and customers, it really doesn’t matter in which part of the world they are without a mobile app.


It is imperative to have built a mobile app for your business today. Especially after COVID19 crisis people around the world are switching towards getting their work done virtually. Businesses are also changing the way they used to function and operate their departments. Now they understand the benefits they can have of mobile apps built for their business. For example an ERP or a Business application that is built for internal purposes to collaborate between the departments and teams for easy flow of operations and instant access to company details. At the same time, it also helps them keep connected with their brands and products to stay up to date.

What are the benefits of mobile apps for business?

Mobile Apps helps promote business with support

If your business has some amazing offers and discounts on products for your customers, then it’s time for you to build your own mobile applications. You can come up with an idea on how you can leverage your product offers and notify your customers through the mobile app of your business. This way you can reach out to a large number of customers with your offers and with push notification or pop-ups services you can give them offers they can’t resist. With push notifications you can reach out to the right customers, at the right time. That too in style with the help of your mobile application. Emojis are playing a main role in more open rates with push notifications than those without it.


Push notifications work the same in terms of delivery, but there are differences in how they are adapted by businesses of different fields and industries. Sometimes you want to give support and through live updates it becomes possible. The mobile app is the way you could reap this benefit of mobile apps.


Leverage through Rewards Based Loyalty Program

Business can not work in silo as there is a process of give and take involved in the business where you offer and the market responds to you. A successful business always provides meaningful user and customer experiences in the journey. The more you care about your customers and their needs the chances are likely to increase to 90%. In order to do so a business should open ways to enable multiple touch points to interact with customers and know what they are looking for. One of the best ways is to know via Mobile Apps and loyalty programs to run in your business store’s mobile app. The more customers engaging with your business the better rewards they are able to earn through gifts and points. Offer your customers to keep buying products they’re constantly looking for and give them rewards through your loyalty program app to help them retain. 


For example, let’s understand how Taco introduced it’s loyalty program via app. A few years back they thought of rewarding their customers for repeat orders. Guess what the loyalty program mobile app worked really well and they had successfully targeted groups on social media. Social Media played a major role in leveraging getting more customers to buy and the mobile app integrated.

Image Source: hip2save

If you have a loyalty app or program already – fantastic. You can integrate loyalty app with your existing POS or Software. The benefits of having a mobile app is to aim how the data works to give better insights about the purchase and sales to make your staff more aware of your consumer choice with easy accessibility. If you have still not opted for the mobile app for your business, now is the right time to take a decision to get one build for your business for overall success.

Today business focuses on customer retention and it’s one of the major components for every successful business. If your business offers great value the retention rate of your customers will always be high. This way you can ensure that your customers are happy and satisfied and they keep buying the products they need from you regularly.

Loyalty Programs or Rewards Loyalty App are good ways to take further steps into managing your customer’s satisfaction while running it. 

How mobile apps benefit loyalty programs

Building good customer relationships is a long and complex process. Today there are many service providers who offer the same products & services that you do. Therefore customers will always have a choice to buy similar products. A study says that 72% of the Americans will go with another brand even if they had a single bad experience with the business or service provider. For mainly this reason many customer loyalty programs are designed to make strong connections with companies and their customers.

The question is why do mobile apps come into picture?

Well, having a mobile app with a loyalty program integrated can become a pillar towards success of your business. 

How mobile apps benefit loyalty programs

One thing that influences customer satisfaction is how easy and quickly you get information about that business online.

At times you can spot the difference between a lead and converting that lead into a customer is the way you provide support and response.

Mobile App is the best possible way to communicate with your customers and what they’re looking for and depends on how soon you provide them with that.

Comparing websites and other channels with a mobile app, a mobile app is much faster, robust, reliable and convenient. Customers can sign up and login with their information such as email or mobile to access their profile and support requests in just a few clicks.

Similarly your employees can also access information if you have one HR App built for your company to keep a track of time and tasks they’re working on for better productivity and outcome. This helps serve your clients faster and in a better way.

Besides support and other things, mobile apps are a phenomenal way to request for customer feedback.

A few decades ago businesses relied on taking surveys and data from different areas. Today, in this mobile world the content is easily accessible and takes feedback from customers that too all in one place.

There are many live chat and customer feedback & experience widgets available on play store such as Drift, Tidio, Smartsupp, with mobile apps integrated in your website to help customers directly chat with your staff to learn about your business and pricing and many other stuff. This not only boosts customer satisfaction but also drives engagement.

Many companies build their own mobile apps to interact with their customers, display products and offer rewards and loyalty programs all at one place. We see many food ordering apps and retail shops have launched their own mobile apps with payment integrations helping customers to buy what they need in just a few clicks. Mobile apps integrated in any business have impacted on sales and brands to become successful.

Moving to Mobile App is easy

Mobile apps are quickly becoming a major source in the interaction of brand and customers. One of the best ways to get customer loyalty is to build a mobile app with a loyalty program in it and offer rewards through the app. Most brand retail stores have rewards based loyalty apps developed for themselves which is a powerful way to build a brand and customer loyalty.

For example, let’s take Starbucks app. The Starbucks app offers customers to pay online for whatever they order, find nearby Starbucks location, earn rewards & points, apply coupon code for discounts on coffee and other items. This makes it very easy for customers to order and eliminates waiting in line to buy something when there is a rush in the cafe. This not only improves customer satisfaction but also enhances customer’s buying experience and brands operational efficiency.

So when you think of building a mobile app for your business think about the loyalty program integrated in your mobile app. This mobile app strategy will help you align with what users are looking for and what they really need. Your mobile app with loyalty features will help you offer them what you can exchange with their loyalty. Mobile App will help you in brand promotions and features to drive successful marketing campaigns and getting information from users about what they want and offer them exactly what they need.


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