About our Referral Programme

Special Partner Referral Scheme (mainly for accountants and web-designers)

Help your clients save money when taking card payments

Our mission is to help businesses receive payments in an efficient and cost-effective manner both online and in person.

We figure the best way to do this is to partner with those who help manage the payment portals/invoice processing. This means you can advise clients on our solutions which help them improve efficiency, save money, and at the same time you can receive a small reward from us as a thank you for referring business.

How this works:

  • Just contact us when you have a potential client and we can provide a quote and do all the necessary explanations and paperwork to make life as simple and easy for everyone.
  • Depending on the value of the deal, we will send you a referral payment:  
  • For in-person card terminals, there will be a one-off payment of €50-€80 depending on the length of term (2-4 years contract) 
  • For online payment gateways, there is an annual commission of €50 per client so you will continue to receive income as long as your client continues to take payments online with us.

Note for web designers:

For online payment gateways, you create a shopping cart as normal, then there are 3 ways to connect:  

1. API (We can send you the technical details)

2. Hosted solution just adding 2 lines of code.  This works like Paypal where it opens a 3D secure window for payment. It is very easy to implement and costs €6 less. This is what we recommend for most small businesses who want the quickest and easiest method.

3. Plug-ins (which we do not recommend as they require regular updating)

About Us and New Payment Innovation

We are a Certified Reseller for New Payment Innovation (NPI) which is a cost-effective alternative to High Street banks or payment service providers with the added benefit of access to the NPI Revolution portal for transaction management information and consumer intelligence.

We provide multi-channel payment services including online processing, payment terminal and merchant services through partnerships. NPI’s award-winning analytics and customer insight portal called Revolution is widely acknowledged as the leading platform in the industry.

Check the NPI reviews on Google – all are 5 stars! 

Card Payment Processing

For your business

  • 100% Irish owned and operated (HQ in Citywest)
  • Easy application and quick setup time
  • Access to our market leading Revolution reporting, insight and analytics platform
  • 24/7 x 365 days a year technical support
  • Settlements in 1-2 days (this means money is in the bank soon after a transaction has been made)

Ideal Clients and Rates

If your client takes in less than €1000/month in person, they’d probably benefit from something like Sum Up.  If your client receives under €1500/month online, they’d probably want Stripe/Paypal. 

If, however, your client receives more €1000-€1500/month, we can get them on great rates.  

There is no one-size-fits-all system for this, but to give a simple example costs work out around:

€20-€30/month payment terminal/online portal
€6 PCI admin fee
Transactional fees of around  0.35% debit, 0.75% credit cards + 3c-6c/transaction

Online this equates to reduction from around 3% with Paypal to around 1% depending on their business.  Offline, we’ll beat whatever rates they’re currently on and aim to stay competitive enough that they’ll never again need to change provider!

This quote above is a sample, in practice it could be a little lower or higher depending on the turnover, type of system needed and whether it’s online or in person.  We can provide all the necessary information to suit their needs and ensure they have excellent service and support throughout.




Some extra tech tips & tricks?

Useful content for small business owners and some news about events

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Some extra tech tips & tricks?

Useful content for small business owners and some news about events

We hate spam! Privacy policy

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