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We believe a powerful way to network is through 121 conversations so we provide the opportunity for new introductions or likewise time to catch up with professionals you may already know. 

We’re not here to just sell to each other, but by expanding our network we may be able to refer business to each other at some point in time. We aim to share knowledge and also learn about what useful services other small business owners provide.

We also support other business networks so everyone is welcome!


The Tech & Setup

Our Platform

Feeling zoomed out?  Us too!  So we use a platform which is designed specifically for a different kind of Networking event.

We have several ways to network on our platform including:

  • Round-table small group conversations
  • ‘Speed-Style’ Networking where you can speak with others individually for about 6-8 minutes each.
  • Private-table 1-2-1 conversations


When you enter you’ll find several tables to join, pick one of the groups to get started.

Feel free to jump in and out anytime, and also continue the conversation for as long as you like afterwards at a private table.  

What you need:

  • Laptop / Desktop
  • Google Chrome
  • Mic & Webcam
Adding Value

We aim for events to be:

Jump in and out anytime. No problem if you’re late or have to leave early!

Wear what you like and talk freely!

We’ve guest speakers sharing useful tips and knowledge on key business topics.

Always up for a bit of craic so feel free to let the joker in you shine!

We want to work together, build relationships and pass referrals where possible.

Sharing Insights

Guest Speakers

We have guest presentations on a variety of useful topics. These will be recorded so if you can’t make it or want to watch a replay, we’ll share access to these also.

These are usually 10-15 minutes long.

We’ll also soon be launching workshops with guests delving deeper into key skills, in particular around Digital Marketing. Some of these will be free, and others will have a fee. Subscribe to our newsletter to stay informed about the schedule.


Join Our

Upcoming Events


3.30pm – Round Table Chat (Small Groups) 

3.45pm – Guest Presentation

4pm – Speed Networking

4.40pm – Round Table / Follow-up 121s

Our events are fully flexible for you to jump in and out as fits your schedule so there’s no such thing as late or apologies for leaving early.  😉

Wednesday 2nd June
Discussion of Social Media Engagement & Networking

Wednesday 19th June
Guest Presentation tbc – and trialing a new virtual platform

How to

Stay Informed

The best ways to stay informed are:

1. Subscribe to our newsletter

2. Join Our Facebook Group

3. Add our calendar to yours so you’ll see events in your diary with relevant links included.

Some extra tech tips & tricks?

Useful content for small business owners and some news about events

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Some extra tech tips & tricks?

Useful content for small business owners and some news about events

We hate spam! Privacy policy