Should I use Stripe/Paypal on my website?


While Stripe and Paypal are easy to set up and great for starting out, there can be some disadvantages to them such as high fees or having to wait to get the money into your bank account.

Stripe fees start at 1.4% + 25c /transaction for local payments and 2.9% +30c for international. This makes sense if you have a low turnover, but a disadvantage is having to wait several days or often over a week for money to hit your bank account.

Paypal fees are 2.9% + 35c /transaction making it even more expensive than Stripe and although you receive payments directly into your Paypal account, you will have to manually transfer and wait for the fund also.

The alternative is to have a Merchant Services account with a provider such as New Payment Innovation. While there are some fixed monthly fees, the rates are far lower and customized to each business. This could be around 0.4% +6c / transaction, and money hits your account on a next-day basis.

If you are currently taking in over €1000/month on your website, ask us about payment gateway options. We can help get you set up on the right plan, saving you money where possible. We can assist your web designer to get a payment gateway integrated if they need advice on this. Likewise, if you don’t have a web designer, we have a team who can help with any web updates you need.



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